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Monday, December 9, 2013

gettin worst

i dont know if it just me who's feel like that or it is reality. but i think of course it is reality. my life is getting worse day by day. i dont know why. i have a finance problem with college,my health keep getting down,and the latest bad thing was my notebook. my notebook is broken!and it is is the only entertainment i have in my life and now its gone. i hate this thing! why all this sad thing only happen to me. i didnt get this. i cry this time.i never cry after all the hardship ive been gone through but this time i just cant bear it. if people see me they might laugh at me cause im crying for a notebook. that is the thing that can take me out for my problem stress etc all this time.i love that thing. and im crying again now! while write this.

ya allah janganlah kau tarik lg benda yg aq sayang di dunia ini ya tahu kau akan menggantikannya dgn yg lebih aq x kuat nak tunggu benda baik tu datang ya allah. aq ikhlas waktu ayah kna bg dkat org lain,aq masih ikhlas bila aq susah,tp aq x kuat ya allah. tabah kan lah aq . berat sungguh ujian mu ya allah.

p/s: blh ja lalui bnda ni tp bila ingat nnt jd bila biar aq jd beban mama aq x kuat weh